Economic Sectoral Overview

Occupying governments use economic activity to help secure and maintain their control of territory. By definition, occupiers govern business and employment opportunities in occupied lands.

Occupations complicate sectoral development by changing the terms of access to basic necessities for businesses and individuals. Consider freshwater as an example. Lack of reliable access to water inevitably affects the development of many economic sectors. Since the occupation, Russia is scrambling to provide water to Crimea, which depended on mainland Ukraine for more than 90% of its water needs. In Palestine, Israel controls all access to aquifers in the West Bank.

Below is a series of charts that provide a sectoral overview of the Crimean and Palestinian economies. The first set breaks down the Crimean economy by sector in percentages and illustrates the percent of workers employed in different sectors. The second illustrates the same information in the Palestinian context.

The sources for this information are official – Crimean, Palestinian and Israeli Statistics Committees. However, these statistics simply provide a snapshot of economic activity in these occupied lands. They do not reflect activity in the shadow economy nor do they consider informal workers.




Breakdown of Crimean GDP by Economic Sectors 2013

 *Source - Crimean Ministry of Economic Development, "Report on Socio-Economic Development of Crimea 2014"

% of Workers Employed in Economic Sectors in Crimea 2014

*Source - Crimean Statistics Committee, Express Information 30 December 2014,
"The Number and Status of Workers by Economic Sector"

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Breakdown of Palestinian GDP by Economic Sectors 2013

 *Source - Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for year end 2013


% of Workers Employed in Economic Sectors in Palestine 2013

 *Source - Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics FY 2013


% of Workers Employed in Economic Sectors in Settlements 2012

*Source - The Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) Employment Figures 2012
Figures are for Judea and Samaria Israeli Localities (West Bank Settlements).
Total Work Force Participants in West Bank: 124,400.

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